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About Tainted to Repainted

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary through our painting and decorating video tutorials. These simple, step-by-step tutorials make it easy for anyone to create impressive transformations without damaging your wallet. Discover your inner artist, explore your creativity, and find out for yourself how Tainted to Repainted is revolutionizing the remodeling and decorating industry.

About Kelly S. King

Kelly S. King was destined to be a creative talent from the day he was born. Early on in his grade school and high school years, King was consistently awarded for his artistic abilities. Today King is President of the Kelly S. King Academy of Faux Painting & Decorative Finishing that teaches professionals the art and business of decorative painting. King’s newest endeavor, Tainted to Repainted, is an online video tutorial store with instruction for both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. King’s other companies include, The Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Awards, Painting Pros, The Painted Mansion, Inspirations and Innovations, and Kelly S. King Imports and Originals.

The chronological story of how King’s knack for business evolved started during his high school years when he earned income by painting murals, making pottery, drawing for blue jean ads, and painting clothing for resale. He started his first company, Specialty Painting, during high school. While the business was in its infancy, King joined the United States Marine Corp. He returned after his tour in 1988 and renamed the company to The Painting Pros. As King’s father was both a painter and an artist, it was natural for him to take on both types of projects. It wasn’t long before his company grew and—by the age of 19—he had built his first million dollar painting and decorative finishing business. The company focused on decorative painting projects for furniture, cabinetry, walls, and more. King began to purchase used pieces of furniture from garage sales, consignment shops and Salvation Army stores and transform them from old and worn to beautiful, hand-painted finishes. He amassed quite a collection of unique used pieces and resold them through designer consignment stores.

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In 1991, King was asked by industry professionals to teach them his secrets, and the result was one of the most recognized decorative painting schools in America, The Kelly S. King Academy of Faux Painting and Decorative Finishing. King’s keen knowledge of the decorative finishing industry has led to some of the most sought-after curriculums available including product lines around such as Perfetto, Faux Effects, Golden, Proceed, and AdiColor. More recently he launched the courses "Shizen" and “A Symphony of Metallic No. 3—The Silver Lining.”

During his training career, King began traveling to high-end design centers across America searching for furniture, cabinetry, high-end hand-painted wall coverings, and more with a painted finish. King was intrigued with the intricate, hand-painted pieces he found in his travels—along with the high price tags they came with—and so he set out to create his own work. In 1992, King simultaneously met a friend in Florida that imported English antiques and an interior designer from Omaha who asked him to paint a raw wood-carved table from Italy. This inspired him to go to Europe and seek unfinished furniture that he could use as a raw canvas to create his own hand-painted masterpieces. Throughout his travels in Italy he found treasures from Bombay chests to decorative tables and started importing furniture. He also met a third generation Italian furniture finisher who taught him some trade secrets. From that point on, King was hooked and so his company Kelly S. King Imports and Originals was born.

Meanwhile, after several years as an established school in America, the KSK Academy had trained thousands of do-it-yourself fanatics, career changers, designers, architects, and painters to start successful careers as decorative artists. In 2002, King created the Fauxcademy of Decorative Finish Awards that was the first and only event of its kind dedicated to taking the decorative finishing trade, taking the industry to new heights and honoring decorative artists for their talents.

In 2004, King purchased a 14,000 square foot home to house his school. Named “The Painted Mansion,” King remodeled the property adding 10 bedrooms, a basement grotto, a 3,000 bottle wine cellar, and began transforming the walls from one-tone paint to hand- painted and decorated with beautiful finishes. On the same 30-acre estate, he built a 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art training studio where students from all over the nation were invited to stay and learn. It was some of the best decorative finish training available and included pampering with French pastry chefs and catered meals.

In 2007, King sold intellectual property to RPM international, a Fortune 500 company that holds several companies in the coating industry, including Rustoleum and Modern Masters. King became the Director of Education and Product Development for Modern Master based in Los Angeles and worked with chief chemists to create the Platinum, Shizen and Bellezza Product Lines. As Director of Training, Kelly also launched over 30 platinum training centers for Modern Masters. During his tenure as the Director of Product Development, King also consulted Rustoleum on the Countertop Transformations product and helped create the Cabinet Transformations product that eventually launched into every Home Depot and Lowe’s in America as well as many Menards and Ace Hardware stores. King is the talent on the training video inside each cabinet and countertop transformations kit.

In 2008 as a bit of a creative outreach, King decided to test the waters as an Executive Producer in Hollywood and invested in a film called “Flowers and Weeds” with an actor friend who has appeared in several shows, including the hit series 90210.

To this day King continues to consult Fortune 500 companies in new product and systems development. For over 20 years King has trained thousands of decorative finishers in the art and business of decorative painting, launching many highly successful decorative finish careers. He is well known throughout the United States and abroad for his intense teaching style. More recently, King has been traveling and carrying on his vision teaching and speaking to architectural and design firms in countries around the world including Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

King is a published author and has written many articles for the decorative finish industry. He also lectures on his “28 Principles of Success” and “Green Thinking.” Kelly is endorsed by Purdue University and the Napoleon Hill Foundation as part of a team of speakers for the “Conceive-Believe-Achieve” program. He has also had the honor of speaking for the Napoleon Hill Foundation on the “Science of Success Course” by Napoleon Hill. His topics have included “Definite Purpose in Life,” “Creativity Fueled by Imagination,” “Mastermind Alliance,” and “Going the Extra Mile.”

Considering his experience, it was only a matter of time before King combined all of his knowledge and ideas together to launch a comprehensive, online training video tutorial site that would make these skills accessible to everyone. 2012 marks the launch of Tainted to Repainted and the beginning of his next journey.

Kelly uses his natural talent, experience abroad, history with successful business, brief time in movie-making, passion for inspiring others, and education from talented European craftsmen to deliver nothing but the very best in training. Kelly has trained thousands of successful students and has become one of the nation's leading choices for training in faux painting and decorative finishing.